The Northeast Youth Hockey Association Huskies offer Learn-to-Skate Hockey, Mites, Squirts, Pee Wee, Bantam, and Midget youth hockey groups at the University of Connecticut's Mark Edward Freitas Ice Rink.

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 The NEYHA tryouts have been and are an objective and transparent process.

  • Updated assessment dates and times (*Bantams please take note) can be found:
  • All players interested in playing on a travel Mite, Squirt, Pee Wee, and Bantam team must participate in tryouts to be placed on a team for next season. Players interested in Learn to Skate/TYKES programs do not need to tryout.
  • Head coach announcements will be posted very soon. We have an amazing talented pool of individuals that have raised their hands to be head coaches. This process takes time and careful selection. Once these are posted we will still have the right to make changes based on player placement.  (I.e., If Mite A coach is announced and his player is placed on Mite A1 then the coach will move with his player) 


  • There is a $50 non-refundable tryout fee that is due at the time of registration.  
    • This covers 4 times for your player.  Two (2) Pre Assessment Clinics (NEYHA & Open Clinic) and Two (2) Tryout Days. 
  • To be eligible for tryouts, all players must be registered for the 2018-2019 online registration. Click here to be directed to the Program Registration section of our website.  Please note that registration will close 3//17 so we can prepare.


  • The evaluators are UConn coaching staff, current, and/or former qualified coaches from NEYHA. Generally it will look like this:
    • UConn evaluators will assess for Squirts and PeeWee players. 
    • NEYHA Mite coaches will assess Bantam players
    • Bantam and PeeWee coaches will assess Mite players
  • No evaluators will evaluate a group of players whom he/she previously coached (i.e., if John Smith coached the Squirt A team, he will not evaluate the Squirts or PeeWees).
  • All evaluators assess the players on: skating ability (speed, pivots, agility), hockey skills (puck control, shooting skills, stick-handling skills, passing skills) and game situational skills (overall hockey sense, competitive edge).


  • Each player will get fully dressed and then check-in at the registration desk. The player is then assigned a colored pinnie with a number to be worn throughout the tryout process. Each player is identified only by color and the number on the pinnie.  The numbers are assigned randomly.
  • During tryouts, no names shall be on any jerseys worn under the pinnies, helmets or other equipment. Use tape if you have to cover this up.
  • No parents are allowed on the bench or near the evaluators.
  • There are two tryout sessions for all travel teams and 1 tryout for goalies. (exception is Bantam as goalie will try out during the 2 days)
  • Upon completion of all tryouts, the evaluators will tally the scores of each child in each division. The scores for each session will be added together into a total score. These total scores will then be ranked numerically from highest to lowest. The rankings will determine team placement (i.e., Squirt A consists of players ranked 1 to X, Squirt A1 consists of players ranked X to X and so on).
  • If a player is considered “on the bubble” (i.e., could land in Squirt A or Squirt A1) then the board will go to the coach provided evaluation for the player in question.
  • If a player received the prior approval of the President and Coaching Director to miss 1 try-out session, then an exception will be applied. For this exception, the head coach of that player’s team will provide the NEYHA Board with a player evaluation which includes a comparison to three other players at his/her age level. Subject to the unanimous approval of the Board, the player will be placed on a team commensurate with his skill level.


  • The Board will release final team placements including final head coaches no later than March 27th.  With the exception of Bantams, no later than April 21st. 
    • Commitment Night is tentatively scheduled for March 31.  Final confirmation will be in your commitment letter and reflected on the Events Calendar.
  • For those interested in asst. coaching in the 2018-19 season, please submit your coaching application immediately.


Players must return their cleaned practice and borrowed game jerseys to their manager. 

  • 1 Blue 1 White Practice Jersey per player
  • Please also return your garment bag
  • All jerseys given to players that did not have a name on them
  • You do not need to return the purple jerseys or purchased game jerseys
  • Bantams do not need to return the player numbered jerseys given to them by Campus Customs due to the late arrival of our final jersey

If a player wants to return the jerseys before tryouts that is fine, but players may not wear a jersey with a name (or they can tape over the name) during assessments. 


Available now through March 23rd are the Tykes and Mite Future Surveys as well as the Coaching Evaluations.  Please help your organization by participating today!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or any NEYHA Board Member.



Maria Cline

Northeast Huskies, President